Cherry Blossom Makeover Game




    It is spring time and the cherry blossoms are just beginning to come to life. Do you know where are the most beautiful cherry blossom forests in the world? The answer is Japan! You can take this beautiful girl on an Asian trip to beauty and give her a real makeover that will make her refreshed after the long winter. Start with a facial treatment and apply a delicate cleanser for her pores, then use some hot water as a steamer that will open up the pores and get them ready for the next treatments. Use green tea bags on her eyes to make the dark circles under them disappear and make them look clear and fresh. Apply a hydrating scrub to remove imperfections and a nourishing mud face mask with cherry blossom petals to nourish the skin and give it a natural glow. Finally use a pair of tweezers to define her eyebrows. You can now apply a delicate make up to emphasize her best features. Use contact lenses the change the color of her eyes, mascara to make the eye lashes longer, a colorful eye shadow and a liner to bring attention to her eyes, a glossy lipstick and a feminine blush. Complete her new look with a spring inspired hairstyle and outfit. Have a great time playing Cherry Blossom Makeover!