Euro truck cargo construction




    Euro truck cargo constriction

    Now day big towns are under construction, and they need constriction materiel and goods for their house. And they need you to deliver them goods they need. Collect they the goods from venders and deliver them with in the short time. This game has so lovely environment of undergoing 3D city with such a great game play. It’s not just kids game, it’s going to be a challenging one even for elders also. That mean it is an all age game.
    This game had such a wonderful environment that you have never experience. Specially mend and model for this game. While driving in this 3D city you will feel the realism of the construction environment. The construction environment also creates a mind-blowing driving skills while delivering construction materials and goods.
    This game is so much diverse from other game of its kind. This single game offers you so many gameplays such as Euro Truck Simulation, Fast City Parking Truck, Trucks Speed Offroad Cargo, Heavy duty truck driving, Grand Truck Simulation, Refill Cargo Truck Simulation 2017, Trucker Path, Cargo Truck Simulator, Cargo Transport, Cargo Delivery and Heavy Lorry Truck.
    Your first truck is free for play. Now start your truck and follow the checkpoint arrow. These checkpoints will take you to the cargo pickup parking spot. The goods will automatically load on the lorry of your euro truck. Now again follow the checkpoint arrows these arrows will take you to the delivery parking spot. Now here you first level will get complete.
    Remember there is no time laps, but the much you delay the less you earn.
    At the end of each level you will earn a handsome reward. With this reward you can buy and update your cargo trucks to play next level and earn more and better.
    While giving the throttle to you truck watch you truck speed.
    More time you take to deliver the less you earn.
    Don’t let your vehicle hit into any road side fence or anything in and on the way.
    Smooth button controls
    Fast city realistic 3d environment
    Unique gameplay
    15 level to play
    Vivid sound
    4 real euro trucks to drive
    Optimized game play

    the goods are realistic