Uphill Offroad Bus Simulator




    If you do then you are at the right place. Its bus driving simulator in which you have to pick and drop the passengers of the bus from one spot to other parking spot or bus stop. It’s a transport simulator.
    The game has beautiful rich texture 3D offroad hilly environment. You have to drive your special modeled bus up and down the hill. You have to drive on smashy and bumpie roads. The environment of the game is awesomely decorated that you will feel the reality.
    The 3D buses of this game are also specially design for this realistic game. While driving these heavy and big monster buses you will feel the real energy and thrill. You can drive 4 kind of different buses, like euro bus and continental bus. Its going to be awesome experience driving the real bus 3D.
    The game play is just that you have to pick passengers from one bus stop to other bus stop but its not that easy the road are bumpy and smashy and you have to reach the destination with in the given time. If you can then you have to play the level of the game again.
    There is a map which is showing you the pickup bus stop and drop off destination. In start of every level a dialog box appear which tells you your pickup and drop of point.
    its not deadly offroad race game. You must drive with care while driving tours. Always keep your eye on time and map. Don’t let your bus falldown. Don’t do any traffic offenses always obey traffic law.
    At the end of each level you will earn the handsome reward in game cash. With this reward, you can by now and more improved auto bus. With these buses, you can perform well and earn better.
    Show the world who is the real king of the road.
    4 amazing buses to drive
    Rich 3D texture realistic environment
    Multi camera view
    Awesome snow hill and mountains
    Vivid sounds
    Optimized game play
    Smooth button and tilt controls