Poopin Turkeys

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    Can you save Thanksgiving by stopping the turkeys from pooping on the pumpkins? Poopin Turkeys is fun for the whole family. Enjoy this game all year round!

    "This game is both funny and entertaining! It's a must have!"


    Save Thanksgiving by stopping the turkeys from pooping on the pumpkins.

    To stop a turkey use your cannon to shoot candy at the turkeys. If you hit a turkey, it will explode and you will get 50 points for each turkey you hit. You will lose 25 points for each turkey that flies off the screen without getting hit.

    To win, complete all the levels to save Thanksgiving.

    100 points will be deducted for each pumpkin that gets pooped on.

    If 3 pumpkins get pooped on in any level, you loose.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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