Water Fairy




    Very simple interesting of game,in work leisure time,in car Shang,or Metro Shang,or other is short of time in,open game play once,see you of results of rules is you began game Shi,you has 10 drop drops,game in the of small water polo,need to 4 drop only will rupture,game of task is clear scene in the all of drops,and into Xia a shut,most have highest of scores.When you have the number drops to 0 o'clock game is over.Share with your friends and play your best.If you like this game,you can add comments to rate a game or.
    How to play: click on the water droplets in the game,you can make drops big,water droplets will burst eventually,and then shot toward the four drops out.With the least amount of water.Get it done.
    The game features:
    Intelligence study!
    Casual puzzle!
    Easy to operate!
    Simple and fun!
    It is free!
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