Princess Back Spa - Manicure & Pedicure Massage




    Do you enjoy a back SPA? Of course, I bet every girl loves SPA! Let's go to this famous Princess Back SPA shop, enjoy a comfortable massage and experience the royal treatment. Don’t boil the perfect chance of having a back SPA!

    ~>Back Spa

    The best one of the all is the back spa. Oh girls love having their back massage to feel relaxed. The soothing spa is so good that it makes their bodies glow again so they can wear whatever they want. No need to feel shy. Let’s get a back spa at the best spa & salon resort.

    ~>Nail Spa & Salon

    Get your nails done with a beauty spa makeover. Let’s make your hand’s glow again. Do scrubbing and bring shine to hands. Choose different nail colors to design nail art.

    ~>Toe Nail & Foot Spa

    Foot Spa and pedicure treatment to have beauty feet. Girls like wearing sandals in summer so they like having foot spa to get glamorous and shiny feet.

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