Air Elite Shooter: 3d




    You are a chopper shooter here. Focus on your targets. You have to kill your targets. Make them your dead targets. In thisAir Elite Shooter: 3d game you have got impossible missions to complete. Air Elite Shooter: 3d is not so easy when you are an air shooter. This is the best shooter game. Chopper games are a total fun. Kill shot all your enemies and end up all of your fury. You are a professional commando. And you are fighting against the army that wants to take over your country. The soldiers are staying in the base camps of your country's border. Your country is in danger. You have to save your country from these evil soldiers. Attack on their base camps, make them run back to their country. Be the brave and daring sniper assassin shooter. You have your sniper gun. Shoot with it on your target. Targeting with a sniper gun is hard, so play intelligently. Show your enemy the bullet force of your gun shooter. This is the best shooter game you will ever play. This is one of the best chopper games. You are the special forces, that are here to clean sweep the fury of your enemies. Play your best with your combat helicopter. Win this gunship battle and enjoy this game.

    Air Elite Shooter: 3d Features:
    High Quality graphics
    Different exciting level
    Different environments
    Realistic sound effects
    Smooth game play