Flying Penguin Attack: Ice Knockdown

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    Flying Penguin Attack: Ice Knockdown

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    Do you love the classic games at fairs and carnivals? How would you like to bring those straight to your mobile device? Now, you can with this app!

    Stacked upon one another in a unique formation, it's up to you to know them all down. You get three tries to try your luck, but clearing them all isn't as easy as it might seem! You have to be focused and come up with a great strategy before you run out of balls!

    As you move through the levels, the challenges will only get harder. You'll have more cans to knock down and will have to be even more creative about how you do it. That's all part of the fun, however!

    With the vivid colors and fun, exciting music this is one game that everyone will be able to enjoy. As a throwback to the classic games of the past, it's a true winner!


    * Great for all ages
    * Amazing graphics
    * Universal app supports iPod/iPad/iPod Touch
    * Addictive Gaming

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