Star Fish Match 3




    Do You Accept The Time Puzzle Challenge?
    lets see you inside
    Star Fish Mania is a tasty new kind of match-3 from the makers of Mystery Match.
    All fish-swapping puzzle games is back with an effervescent new instalment. Popping bottles to fill the playing field with the sticky liquid sounds simple enough, but Star Fish Match 3 adds new gameplay twists throughout its varied levels. The engaging visuals pop with color, and while it's a perfect way to casually spend a spare few moments, dedicated players will find Themselves plotting out points and maximising moves as they thirst for domination of the leaderboard.

    It has two modes of playing with almost 300 Arcade and Classic levels.this is completely free to play but some in-game items no payment required.
    The Game Consist of the following fascinating features. Enjoy the limitless fun. 2D game containing more than the thrill of 3D.

    1.Two Game Modes: Arcade and Classic.
    2.Your can wipe out the surrounding gems to unlock the locked jewel.
    3.By matching four you can get a fantastic Maggi Bomb and lightning.
    4.By gathering of five you can get a shading changing colors and two bolts.
    5.Th the playing time can be increased & by eliminating the time the ship.
    6.Th surrounding Fisher gems can be eliminated by a bomb in one go.
    7.Th lightning fish eliminate the gems in one line.
    8.Eliminating twenty gems can get a constant flash.
    9. Contains magical music in the background.