WoodWrecker - Endless Arcade Bird Tapping




    Beak face. Wreck Wood. Arcade Awesomeness.

    WoodWrecker is a casual arcade game. Become the meanest wood wrecking bird and start wrecking wood and avoid the branches. Start wrecking wood as fast as you can to get the top score!

    Collect berries to break the golden egg and unlock more characters and environments.

    With 8 bird characters to unlock and more to come, take a chance with the golden egg and see which bird are you going to get. Some examples:
    HarryWrecker, the bird who lived
    SirWrecker the Third, An honor among bird kind.
    The Wandering Bird, He pecks 1000 times a day to sharpen his beak.
    UniBird, Is it a bird or a unicorn? It's magic will somehow remove ads.
    and many more birds..

    Paired with the 8 characters are 8 different environments. See which bird matches which environment:
    Game of Birds, Brace yourselves. Spring is coming.
    Mystery Tower, A mysterious tower under the eerie moonlight
    Pirate Pole, All beaks on deck!
    and many more levels…

    Fight to the top to be the top wrecker!