Go Ninja Endless




    The Endless Black Ninja Game
    Slicing enemies and dodging ghosts without a ghost scanner is all good fun,

    Go Ninja Endless a great pass-and-play game for ninja kids, adults and families, its good fun to get some seriously-high high scores with the running ninja escaping from ghosts and avoiding enemies.

    Go Ninja Endless: enhance your survival skills

    Go Ninja Endless is the latest endless runner, jumper and ninja blitz title, it’s a game that has some simple survival mechanics, doesn’t ask much of the player, and the controls are easily accessed. There’s a lot of swiping and tilting going on in a lot of levels.

    The scores in Go Ninja Endless accumulate quite quickly, and one-upping family members and friends has become a pastime for many.

    Go Ninja Endless is an endless runner ninja game with the interesting Ninja theme with the Asian night stylish visuals and the fun elements, ghosts and enemies of the boosts, jumping and attacks you use during the game makes it quite fun and worthy of a spot.

    Is fairly simple but it’s mastering the art of Ninjas climbing which will prove challenging.