Forklift Simulator 3D - Forklift Driver 2017




    Forklift Simulator 2017 is a balance simulation game. You have the skill to tilt the crates up and down to place them in the location where the need to be. In Forklift Simulator 2017 game loading fast is the key to success.

    You have to first pick up and transport crates, and then you have to carefully park your forklift.
    Do you think forklift is easy to control? Try new Forklift Simulator 3D! Realistic physics, forklift model and various obstacles make you sweat!

    Features of Forklift Simulator 2017:
    - Awesome Forklift handling with real-time controls
    - Control an ultimate big cargo truck & ultimate cargo truck simulator vehicles!
    - Play as a Cargo forklift driver with a duty to warehouse transport
    - Transport boxes, crates, barrels and much more
    - Manual lift, rotating and transport tasks

    Drive an heavy cargo truck simulator to move the cargo out of the way. Step into your cargo forklift and become real skilled in driving these cargo forklift vehicles. Drive through the big 3D warehouse and transport the heavy cargo to the dropzone where you have to show your cargo forklift driver skills.

    Get your hands really dirty as you control these big cargo truck vehicles and construction forklift vehicles in this tough labour cargo simulator.

    Forklift Simulator Truck Driving 3D is the best free Forklift challenge game ever!
    Do you want to get a new experience? Do you want to drive something special? If your answer is yes, then Forklift Simulator 2017 3D is the perfect game for you right now.
    Get ready to learn how to drive and drop off cargos from an area to another one with a realistic and amazing extreme forklift 3D . If you are a fan of free driving games, then you will absolutely love this new addictive forklift 3D simulator forklift game.