Indian Food Factory Chef




    Some people have cooking craze and love to eat sweet and sour food. Indian cooking food is common in every culture. People who are elite class want to eat these types of food in different restaurants and fast food points. So be a star chef of your food restaurant and have crazy fun adventure in the craziest ever Indian food factory simulator.
    This kitchen cooking game is design for girls & boys who want to make Indian food and to serve it to different customers as per menu? Let’s attract people by making different food for our customers like Pani puri and Pav Bhaji. Welcome to the Indian food kitchen. Here you are restaurant manager and have to monitor cooking food in the factory kitchen. You have to make it from very beginning. Be careful little chef, it’s time to make delicious Pani puri and Pav bhaji. It’s very easy and simple.
    Before cooking, you have to cultivate Potatoes, red chilli, cauliflower and onions with machines. Load these vegetables through bulldozer into the delivery truck. All vegetables are now reached at factory door. Let’s take these vegetables in factory’s kitchen.
    Pani Puri:
    Little chef! Are you sure that all types of vegetables and ingredients are available now in factory’s kitchen? In the start, knead white flour, make balls and then fry in oil. On the other hand, boil the potatoes in pan and then make its little slices. Take a bowl, mix potatoes, red chilli, sauce and other sauces. Fill balls with this material and serve with tamarind water at food restaurant.
    Pav Bhaji
    You have gone through the process of making delicious Pani Puri. Now you will have to cook Pav Bhaji. Firstly boil potatoes in Indian food factory’s kitchen and on the other hand take a grinder jug, pour sauces and garlic paste. Grind this mixture and pour it in bowl. Cut potatoes in cubes and mix it with grinded paste. Now it’s ready for serve to our lovely customers.
    Now both items ready for serve. Serve these items and earn handsome money for this. You will have fun ultimately at the finish of this Pani Puri & Pav Bhaji restaurant game.