Indian Holi Festival




    Indian festivals like Holi, Diwali and other typical festivals have celebrated every year. They celebrate their festivals by heart. Holi festival is also knows as Colour Festival because they play and make fun with different colours. They wear new dresses stitched by cloth maker and celebrate Holi festival. You have been playing different girls games before; this little tailor game will be an addition to games for girls category which is based on tailoring. You have your own little tailor boutique in your town. It’s time to get order from shopping girl for stitching dresses for Holi festival.
    Shopping girl wants to get stitched dress by cloth maker for Holi festival. Let’s get order from her and stitch cloth maker dress. Make it confirm that all necessary things like machine, thread tailor cloth and other material is available in your tailor boutique. Being a little tailor of your cloth make tailor boutique, get measurement for dress and start stitching tailor cloth.
    Firstly, you will start cutting of tailor cloth and then stitching by matching thread. Paste other texture on little tailor dress. Cloth maker dress is ready for Holi festival. Hand over this designer dress to the shopping girl so that she can dress up for Holi. After dress up, it’s time to make up for gorgeous look.
    Let’s celebrate Holi festivals after wearing tailor cloth maker dress and have fun with family.
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