Kite Fight Adventure: Kite




    Hi guys! It is season of Kite flying simulator competition. Kite Mela for Kite flying lovers is going to start. Kite lovers are participating in this kite match adventure. They start kite fight with their opponent and enjoy Basant evening. In kite match season, kite maker sale out different styles of kites for Kite flying lovers. Kite flying simulator is favorite act for youngsters. If you are interested in Kite flying then welcome in this amazing kite Mela game. This kite fight game will help you how to participate in kite fight after getting your favorite kite which is made by kite maker. You will be able to win kite match in kite Mela in real life. Get ready for Kite flying simulator competition.
    There are two buildings which you will construct by your builder skills. You have options here for buildings to construct for starting kite Mela. These buildings are specially being constructed for the purpose of kite match. People are waiting to see kite fight at beautiful place. You don’t need to worry, just focus on your kite fight and opponent who want to cut down your kite. You have to control over your kite and cut down through giving thread from thread roller.
    • Different countries and kites are available in this kite fight match
    • Build & construct Taaj Mehel or Shahi Kila to fly
    • Beautiful atmosphere behind this kite match