School Trip Village Games




    Little and charming kids Lets ready for “school trip village games” in beautiful atmosphere. Every school trip has its own unique ideas, plans & outcomes. Class Trip should be on educational & natural research based and little kids have to do it in brilliant way. Classroom setting should be designed in traditional way before going to trip because it is very important to have some know how about where they go. This is a very good learning way about local cultures and traditions. Trip organised by tour planner and mostly kids were invited for this visit of village. When they came back from trip they are telling story about life at village to family and friends. Village is a landscape like panorama of the delightful and charming scenes of natural environment. Seasons come and go, but it leave divine and miracle effect on village scenes. Villager’s life enriched with calmness and relaxation. People of village are very brave, loving, honest, kind and hardworking. They wake up early in the morning and doing their work with full devotion and came back to home as the sun sets. Majority of people are famers. They adopt farming as a profession. Some people choose pottery and painting profession. People facing different problems like lack of education and proper sanitation system. They have complete brotherhood and sacrificing feeling for each other is the most amazing and best thing about them. They are enjoying real life because of village fresh air and environment.