Street War Fights -Beat 'Em Up




    One of your favorite dinosaur games has been brought to life again in the best 2018 game.
    Experience the final adventure with all great fighting combat actions in a whole new light. This game has everything you want in top fighting gameplay. There is a vast verity of player types, different enemy type characters and most immersive story for your entertainment.

    This hunting gameplay features a whole world of dinos that are in danger of extinction. It is your mortal duty as a defending hero to stop poachers from hunting dinosaurs in this free action gameplay. These evil poachers are performing illegal experiments.

    You must stop them as a skilled hunter in the final fighting battle by forming an alliance with other powerful fighters in this online action game. To win this combat against evil poacher scientists you must bring out all your fighting skills. You must destroy their lab of illegal experiments in final match in order to save dinos and civilians.

    This is world’s biggest fight where there are no rules! So are you ready for your fate in this dead or alive fight free action filled combat game!


    Unique Fighting Environment
    Immersive Gameplay
    Amazing Action Combat Physics