My Baby Pet Dragon: The Little Run vs Puppies




    Dragons are not just only in fairytales! They are also nice pets!
    Play with our adorable baby dragons and take care of them: These baby dragons are pretty vulnerable and they need your complete attention... Especially because dog puppies are jealous of them: Both of them are always fighting each other to get your attention, they never get along well together. You always have to separate them, otherwise, they start fighting.

    In this addictive game you will have to take care of a baby dragon and beware of the every dog puppy trying to beat him:

    - Survive to every dog puppy attack in an infinite race in the countryside
    - Choose your favourite dragon baby to start this funny race. Each dragon have unique features, so choose wisely!
    - Cute dog puppies are your enemy. Learn how to avoid them before you get killed! This races are very intuitive to play!
    - Choose the difficulty level of this amazing pet races in this funny game
    - Different type of puppies and dragons give this games a greater realism
    - These dragon baby games are appropriate for children

    Keep your baby dragon safe and improve your high score ranking in this funny game!

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