Candy Splasher Ninja Style




    Candy Splasher Ninja Style

    Are you ready to slice all day long?
    slice the candy like a slicer.Enjoy the slicing games and slice all the candy like a super fast ninja style and be the fastest ninja ever.

    Use your finger as a ninja sword and cut down all the candy and do not let the candy falls or else you will loose the points
    you can select different backgrounds to play on, but for that you should play and collect coins to buy them. play maximum and collect the coins.for every candy slice you do you will get a coin and 2 points. Make high score every time you play. you also have option of music and sound, you can adjust as per your choice. you can pause the game any time you want and go back to main screen to start again.
    There is a store in which you can buy bomb, which on clicking will destroy all the pumpkin on the screen. There is a gift box which will give surprise elements like few bombs or life or coins. There is a life option also on buying this you can continue the game with the previous score.

    How to play:
    1. Slide your finger on the screen to slice the sweets
    2. slice all the candy to get maximum score and coins
    3. Bombs will help you to pass the level.
    4. lifes will keep you playing


    * Play with Different background
    * collect numerous bombs
    * collect lifes
    * collect gift boxes
    * superb sound effects
    * collect coins
    * The game for kill time
    * More sweet, more scores.
    * fun and free game
    * easy to play
    * best for every1

    Whether you like action games or slicer games, this game is for you.
    Come have fun in the garden with candy.Cut into thin slice of sweet and keep collecting the coins.Become a expert by slicing away the different pieces of the board.Get this challenge and try to cut as many == you can in this incredibly fun game

    Download Slice today and become a Slicing expert
    Enjoy this survivor and addictive game!

    Please leave us a comment if you face any issues or want additional features. Your feedback is always welcome
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    short description:

    best candy slicer with different background,bombs,lifes,surprising gift box