ねこパズル - 3マッチパズルのねこげーむRPG

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    ねこパズル - 3マッチパズルのねこげーむRPG

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    Cute puzzle game of Kittenko appeared!
    The 1 stage capture is a simple rule of just a few minutes and it will be hard to spare time in my free time!
    Let's travel with a kittens to find the best delicious cakes in the world!

    ▼ Game Outline
    It is a 3 match puzzle that only disposes the same cake and erases it so Ideal for brain training and killing time!
    It is an easy puzzle that you can proceed with a gap time even with housewives who are busy raising children and women and children who are busy with their daily work.
    And we can collect not only puzzles but also a lot of cat's costumes and enjoy kittens fashionable!

    ▼ Recommended points for this game

    · Cute puzzle game

    · Puzzle game of 3 match puzzle which disappears when 3 same symbols are arranged

    · Puzzle Popular game you can enjoy from beginners to advanced

    - Combos, items, gimmicks are loaded and you can advance the stage without getting tired!

    · There is no doubt that a cute kittens will be healed!

    · Collect lots of costumes and enjoy fashionable foster kitten!

    · Even a busy person can progress little by little · Ideal for refreshing · killing time!

    Recommended for ▼
    · A person who likes animals, especially those who are interested in cats and are looking for cats.
    · I like to play cute puzzle games and interesting games.
    I like puzzle games anyway and I especially love Three Match Puzzles!
    · I want to play with a cute game for girls anyway!
    · I like sliding puzzles but I also want to play other puzzle games!
    · I want to activate the brain while having fun in the brain train!
    · I want to play with a game with a lot of wearing elements!
    · I want to play games that want to kill time and make topics with family and friends!
    · People who want to play with new popular puzzle games that are unsatisfactory to educational puzzles using numbers.
    · I'd like to play with children who are looking for kid apps, especially becoming elementary school puzzle game for lower grade!
    · I want to learn fun while playing the brain train with popular children's game!
    · I want to collect a lot of kitten's costumes. I want to comp. A person who likes games with collecting elements.
    · I want to play refreshingly with an interesting puzzle game!
    · People who want to play with a healing type application that is refreshed and refreshed between studies.

    To purchase costumes and convenient items of stars 3 or more, it is necessary to purchase some in-game items for a fee.

    ▼ Special gift!
    Thank you for reading the explanation until the end!
    For everyone who read until the end
    As a special bonus I will give you six kinds of useful items in the following way.
    Please do use it!
    Map screen (stage selection screen) -> menu button (upper right) -> input benefit ID -> enter "3956"

    ▼ Use material
    In this game, we used materials of the following sites for production.
    - MusMus
    - 音楽素材屋 煉獄庭園
    - 効果音ラボ
    - (c) レアノート / Audiostock