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    Healing Cute Firefly

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    Totally Free! Healing firefly of village development app!
    Care is only to clean the once garbage in three days! Parenting and is a popular handy left the game in the busy woman in the job.
    While listening to the BGM of healing to watch from time to time up fireworks and fireflies has become a killing time free training games that can enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of the night of the summer.
    And the one side and the village in a beautiful state to firefly Let's enjoy only of firefly hunting yourself!

    ▼ main function
    - You can clean the dust that has fallen on the village
    - Shooting star will flow when you tap the screen
    - Fireworks go up out every certain number of
    - Fireworks and to achieve the target number will be held
    - BGM to be healed will be added
    - You can give a name to the village. Please make the attractions spot of only of firefly yourself
    - Is chillin view app fireflies while listening to the healing of the BGM

    ▼ material use
    This app we were allowed to use the BGM of the following sites.
    Music Atelier Amacha