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    ■Live battles are happening now around the world!■

    “Enblox” is a real-time puzzle game that you fence off a majority of the playfield. Areas that are surrounded on all four sides by blocks are yours. It's an intellectual strategy puzzle game played by just placing blocks!

    【What's the game about?】
    “Enblox” is a mixture of Othello and Japanese Go. It offers you a simple, yet profound strategic battle. Place your block over the opponent's block in order to conquer more field or use special blocks for a quick expansion of your territory. Claim the opponent's territory or expand your territory. The strategy is totally up to you!

    【Is it hard to play?】
    Simply place blocks with shapes such as T or L on the board! Surround the opponent blocks before they fence off your blocks and take the area. Conquer one by one, or surround a large area to claim it all. The simplicity of the game gives you an unlimited way of playing!

    【Ability to battle?】
    You can fight other players online in real-time! Fight against players from all around the world. Conquer the world and make it into the hall of fame!

    【Easy enough for anyone?】
    Anyone can enjoy “Enblox” from children to seniors! You can improve your space recognition by making a decision of placing blocks. The more you play, the better you will be regardless of how old you are. Try to play it now!

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