Emo Wolf Simulator




    Do you wish you were a wolf? Do you wish you were Emo? How about an Emo Wolf.

    This cutting-edge simulator allows you to play the life of an Emo Wolf.

    Play and level up to reach the Ultimate Emo Level.

    CRAFT MISSIONS - Collect magic gems and other items to help build up the emo forest :)

    CRY LIKE A TRUE EMO - Easy controls so you can live your life like an Emo! Protect the forest and collect magic gems :)

    3D SIMULATOR - You need to maintain your health, hunger, and energy to survive and protect yourself to reach FULL EMO status.

    EPIC BATTLES - Run after, howl, and race to catch prey such wild bears, wolves, foxes, and rabbits! Fight off your enemies who do not want you to survive in this dangerous forest :)

    FIND YOUR EMO MATE - Create, unlock, and raise a pack of Emo wolves to help you hunt and gather food, keep your emotions up, and win battles against your enemies :)

    BE A REAL-LIFE EMO WOLF - Gain experience points by trying to survive in this magical forest by searching for food, defeating your enemies, and attacking your prey :)

    SPECIAL EMO WOLF VISION - See the special way an emo wolf sees the forest :)