Merge & Run: Grow little devil

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    Merge & Run: Grow little devil

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    ◈Merge & Run's HIGHLIGHT

    - Short-time play!
    - Merge & run! = Easy to play!
    - It's wholly new way for fun!
    - Play the game strategically by using amazing boosters!
    - Meet a different characters

    ◈How to play Merge & Run

    Our little devil receive a mission from the king of devil, Satan!
    To complete mission and make the king happy, they have to conquer the heaven but there is no weapon to fight!
    all they have is their selves and the skill to grow!
    But, don't worry! You can help them to be powerful by matching devil of same level!

    - Match as many devils as you can, grow the devils to defence bunch of angels!
    - Merge the devils and find out different stage!
    - Challenge angel waves and get amazing rewards!
    - Using powerful boosters to run futher and futher!
    - Make the best score! Compete with your friends!


    - Someone who hates a complicated control game! Merge & Run is easy to learn but addictive!
    - Some one who is sick of crazy speed run game and boring merge game.
    - Someone who wants to play the brand new game which has different way to play.
    - Someone who is looking for free - fun - games! Yap, as we know, no one dislik freeeeee - stuff!
    - Someone who is at home in playing timing games. Are you good at matching games too? Then, you will love it!
    - Someone who want to grow cute devils and find

    ◈Are you having fun?

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    - We always welcome your opinion. Please give us your toughts through review or link upper!

    Thanks for playing MERGE & RUN~ Grow little devils!