The Speed Quiz Premium - No AD

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    The Speed Quiz Premium - No AD

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    You can play and enjoy "Speed Quiz" with your friends everywhere.

    "Speed Quiz" is that you can enjoy with your friends anywhere and at anytime.

    If you want to spend fun time at a field trip or simple casual party, you don't need to prepare inconvenient things like a sketch book.
    Just bring your smart phone or tablet with you.

    What if you are an emcee of a party or orientation in a school and you need to break the ice.
    Don't worry and just prepare this simple app! then you will have a great time.

    When you are traveling and bored, play this game with your friends. This speed quiz will make your trip more pleasurable.

    *Various categories
    Speed Quiz offer Various categories such as an animal, job, a fruit, sports, vegitables and many more.
    You are not only enjoying the game but also learning about common knowledge.
    Just like killing two birds with one stone!