Card of Legends




    Are you looking for A BRAND NEW GAME? Download now.
    It’s not a more fun game, but a totally different game.

    Orcs come crowding.
    You can summon heroes as a wizard.
    If you fuse heroes, you can make them even stronger.
    If you want mighty heroes, fuse and fuse again.

    You must endure 10 horrific waves of Orc.
    Heroes who endure waves have the fight with Boss of Orc.
    You may make Boss of Orc stand in our side at some stage.

    Card of Legends is completely free to play.
    PLEASE NOTE! Card of Legends will be first-ever game for you.

    = FEATURES =
    - FREE TO PLAY!!!
    - Enjoy a Strategy Random Defense game with cards
    - Fuse cards generated randomly and make them even stronger
    - Plan smart strategy to make hero cards each time
    - Discover fun of memorizing Tech tree
    - Face fearsome Boss Enemies in Team fighting after Defense mode
    - Countless upgrading cards: Equip Runes on cards which you want
    - Battle and Revenge with players
    - Join new league by raising rank with battle points and compete with players worldwide