Horror Crush 2017




    Horror crush 2017
    Prepare yourself to be spooked!
    A new addition in pattern matching games. From matching candies, jewels, balloons, marbles, here is a game where you have to match witch hats , scary masks , witch globes.
    Blood dripping scary haunted and ghost characters, here is a game which sounds scary but fun to play. The game so addictive that it will haunt you to play it. Don’t be afraid of haunted mentions, haunted hospitals and doll houses. This will make u escape from your busy time and play the game.
    The story begins when a kid got lost and found himself infront of a spooky looking house. Turns out the house belonged to a witch who now wants to grab the boy managed to escape from the evil grasp of the wicked witch's evil claws.
    Your job is to help the boy get to his house safely. Cross these frightening magical lands and join the adventure. Travel to safety by eliminating obstacles across in all stages. Switch and match the obstacles gain 3 stars in above 290 levels of Horror and Crush the schemes of the evil blood thirsty witch. Match 4 of the same and gain boasts. Completing the goal will open a portal to the kid’s house; collect them along the way to reach the boy's home in this extremely spooky Brain Teasing Marvel!
    Enjoy the scary surroundings with realistic graphics and music. Get scared and haunted and be ready to play and enjoy. Match patterns and keep on complete and opening new scary levels till the boy reaches his home safely.

    -> Match 3
    -> Match 4
    -> 290+ Levels
    -> Awesome Boasts
    -> Great Graphics
    -> Brain Teaser
    -> Mystery
    -> Puzzle