A Piano Tap Smash - Don't Step on Color Wrecking Ball Tiles




    A Piano Tap Smash is an addictively awesome game of reflexes. Is your tap speed and accuracy up to scratch? Keep the bouncing along the path. If you miss you will get smashed in to the blocks.

    After you master your technique, challenge your friends to see who is fastest!

    In this parody of the tile game, you tap to move the path over the blocks. One wrong move and - smash - the her lovely face hits the blocks and the game will end. You don't want that!

    Easy, addictive game play: Tap the screen with your fingers to make bop along. You will need to use your reflexes and tap precision to jump on as many safe blocks as possible.

    Time Attack
    Test your speed to see how fast can you jump 50 steps to the goal

    Long Run
    Your distance, number of steps, will be measured over 11 seconds. Reach 50 steps and get an extra 10 seconds.
    Display your steps and begin a countdown of 10 seconds.

    Sudden Stop
    On a 10-minute timer you will need to pass as many steps as possible. The trick is to stop before the 10 second mark.
    You will need to tread carefully as the timer is about to stop - fail to stop before the mark and you lose!

    Score Record
    Check your progress and compete against the previous recorded scores.

    More info
    Game play instructions are included in the game as well as the developer?s best score.
    Just try and beat the the developer!

    You can decide the speed of the game, just be careful not to let the smash into the blocks.

    Fun music, sound effects and animation accompany this the bopping face during game play.