Be Buddha! Brain game.




    Do you want to reach the chief happiness and to learn what is nirvana? Do you want to become Buddha? Then download the brain building game "Be Buddha!" And you will understand who is yogi! Play the best training game completely in English "Be Buddha"!

    At first you should find out who you really are? Do you want tasty food which melts in the mouth and the mouth waters? Try! Do you want to get down with friends in club far into the night? Please! Do you want to the Bahamas? No problem! Who do you want to be or who did you dream to be? The pilot, the astronaut, the archeologist or the ordinary manager, - it's in your hands! Your mind as a monkey, it needs everything and right now. And here, at last, you have visited all corners of our world, you are full, you are rich, but you are frightened by death, and you haven't learned who you really are? Quite the opposite! You found out about yourself some unpleasant specialties! After death you will become a martyr of hell or a hungry spirit and perhaps will reincarnate in an animal! Horrible!

    To get rid of a circle of regenerations in this free developing online game for iPhones and iPad you should plunge into the world of meditation and Hatha yoga! How many times you were going to do workout instead of playing games on the iPhone! And now such opportunity has appeared. It is scientifically proven that mental training leads to muscle tone! Visualizing asanas, you not only train memory and attention concentration but also strengthen your muscles, you train your neural connections first to a virtual perception of asanas and then to real hatha yoga. But to become Buddha everything in you should be in balance. The body and spirit need to develop together. And the training game "Be Buddha" allows making it by means of the meditative field of OM symbols. You develop memory and improve concentration of attention. And now you are sadhack, then yogi! Buy wait, there is more! You have an opportunity to become firstly the guru and then Buddha! And here it is! The long-awaited freedom from the Maya’s veil and the circle of rebirths!