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    This unique game has sciences, engineering, words, movies, actors and many more areas of interest to play a score of games like crossword, anagram, mesh and swap.
    4 modes CROSSWORD,ANAGRAM, EDUSWAP, MESH use myriads of KNOWLEDGE TOPICS for everyone’s benefit. Also, the game paves way to the addiction of seeking more & more every time you play! That’s the beauty of the game.


    INFUSE Mental Agility and Decision making Fluidity in player’s Personality
    PREPARE the player for better Social and Professional Deployment for entire Lifetime
    INSPIRE Optimism by bringing constant Sense of Achievement in every Moment of the Play
    UNLIKE other games, Player comes out of the Game realising that they Learnt something very Memorable rather than having wasted minutes or hours of play time


    ENTERTAINMENT topics like Internationally acclaimed Movies, Actors, Sportspersons known to mankind
    All branches of Basic and Advanced Sciences & Social Sciences & Engineering domains
    Professional topics like Economics, Finance, Accounts, Commerce
    LITERATURE delights including Vocabulary, Books, Authors, Idioms
    1000s of words in all of the world’s significant LANGUAGES for Lingo fans

    Thoughtfully CRAFTED with the right Blend of EDUCATION and GAMING:

    These games have been proven to Enhance Brain Functioning and Elongate the Life of Human Intelligence Perseverance
    Every session of these Easy-to-Play Games Delight the Player and leave them with Enormous Learning of different Lifestyle topics
    Players Strengthen their Conversational Skills by Ingesting Names, Definitions, Descriptions, and Extensive other Characteristics of the millions of Entities that form the core of the App’s Inner database right inside your Smartphone device

    Be it chemistry, Biology, Physics or Aeronautics, we have got you all sorted by helping you dive deep into the sea of knowledge to make you undergo an experience so enriching.

    Crosswords: Chuck newspapers and go digital. Indulge in the awesomeness of the game anytime and anywhere.
    Mesh: Extract the hidden words from the Mesh and recognize your hidden talent simultaneously.
    Anagrams: Enhance your vocabulary by making a plethora of words with just one word.
    Eduswap: Do wonders by just swapping the letters. This will become your favourite pastime.

    Because CLUES and REWARDS make it all fun and easy!

    Simply initiate the game & choose your preferred Style of Play followed by the selection of your Favorite Topic from an Extensive List. Isn’t this amazing? Right from the onset, Thousands of Knowledge points will be presented to you along with Clues. After every level, successful or unsuccessful, supplies of more knowledge points will be presented in your Personal EduWallet that you can revisit in future at your leisure. Draconis will be given to you in the beginning and throughout the game as rewards for your skills and perseverance. Besides, you can always buy DraCoins to help you with pleasant Tools and Aids in solving your puzzles and trivia at the time of need.

    Periodically, your attention will be drawn to the Goodies and Boosters that you can achieve by returning to the game on regular basis. In other words, Game is always inviting and welcoming the players to come back and learn more & more in a never-ending Win-Win relationship between the player and game.

    In no time, A Frequent Player of Edutainment Games will surely set themselves apart from Non-players in all settings of life, be it at a dinner engagement, office setting, social get together, vacations.

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