Hydraulic Press - Crush Things




    Crush your stress or boredom with our app! Enjoy your own infernal machine – the true instrument of destruction! Operate the hydraulic press in your garage playing Hydraulic Press - Crush Things game!
    Find and crush all the items like in those videos on the youtube! You can unlock different items and see them being crushed by your hydraulic press! Check how many things you can destroy with our game! Click fast to smash properly!

    Bikes, motorbikes, cars, sports cars, cans, chips, vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, chicken, kegs, turkey, beer, cream, milk, shells, guns – there are thirty objects that you can smash! Collect and crush all of them!

    Earn points and upgrade your press to crush the toughest items in the game or buy a new one! Receive imaginary hate comments about your weak press!
    Enjoy the symphony of destruction and mayhem with your own hydraulic press!

    Hydraulic Press - Crush Things features:
    Realistic crushing physics and graphics
    Many items to unlock!
    Objects of all kinds to flat
    Different kinds of hydraulic press for your pleasure
    Crush all the items with your hydraulic press!

    Smash, squash and flat things! Have your own Hydraulic Press into your pocket with our app!