Flying Eye Laser Hero City Sim




    Become a mighty superhero – strongest on the Earth – fighting crimes in the big modern city! Fly over streets and blocks, protect peaceful citizens and have fun with Flying Eye Laser Hero City Simulator!
    Long ago you came here from another planet, blasted after catastrophe! Many years you were raised by ordinary redneck farmers, but one day you traveled the large urban area! Now your mission is to defend peaceful citizens from the criminal scum!

    Fight against enforcers of Russian Mafia, yakuza mobsters, Chinese triad gangers, crime syndicate mercenaries and other thugs, bandits, rogues and brigands as a masked hero! Prevent criminal activity on sight! Use your supernatural powers to flight over streets and blocks, and use your laser beam flaming gaze to burn the criminals and blast chasing cars!

    Earn money to buy armor and new weapons, and restore your health or unlock another SUPER POWERFUL ATTACK! Fly over the city streets, hold your gun tight, aim in cold blood and shoot right to the heads of your opponents! Prevent crimes, dodge bullets and enjoy the comics hero life with Flying Eye Laser Hero City Simulator!

    Flying Eye Laser Hero City Simulator features:
    • Realistic comics hero style action game
    • Wide range of interesting weapons and tools
    • Various armor and suits
    • Wonderful 3D graphics

    Help cops, protect ordinary citizens, prevent the robbery of shops and banks - become the hero that city deserves with Flying Eye Laser Hero City Simulator!