Slither Snake vs Bricks




    Dreamed to play famous game about snake crawling through the screen and collecting different things? Check out new Slither Snake vs Bricks game with absolutely fantastic colors, interesting missions and spirit of the ageless snake game! Become the best snake player ever and have fun!
    Check your reaction, speed and other skills and prove that you can make the longest slither snake ever! Play this wonderful game and enjoy this new sight! Crawl through the colored field, collect interesting things, don’t miss any turn and become the best!

    Control little colorful cartoon snake roaming about the screen of your smartphone! Do you best and try not to touch the blocks with different parts of your snake if you don’t want to lose this game! Try to become longer while eating proper number blocks and just have fun – you absolutely won’t be disappointed with this Slither Snake vs Bricks game!

    Earn points for successfully passed levels and unlock new interesting skins for your slither snake to color your game! Buy some boosters that may help you to play longer like invulnerability (you’ll be able to touch some objects and blocks that can hurt you in the normal gameplay) or 2X (double your loot)!

    Slither Snake vs Bricks features:
    • New fantastic sight at the ageless snake game
    • Various types of random colorful locations and levels
    • Opportunity to unlock new types of snakes
    • Really colorful graphics with interesting gameplay and simple controls

    Missed the old hits about snake eating out its way? Today we brought you something really special - Slither Snake vs Bricks game for all ages and professions! Check our absolutely new vision of this ageless game and you absolutely won’t be disappointed!