Sticked Man Epic Battle 3D




    Right dress! Attention! Now you are a commander of the largest sticked man army ever! Don’t let your army down, captain! Be wise and attentive, ‘cause this war MUST be gained! With our new Sticked Man Epic Battle 3D game, you can show all your army leading skills in the different situations like the troops' placement and become a real commander! So fire at will! GO!

    Remember: it’s your commander’s duty to win this war! Show all your skills to your mighty rival, attack it from ambush and gain the authority of the best army leader ever – you can do it! Defeat the army of your opponent, choose the best types of soldiers for each place and just have fun!

    Do your best and become the greatest army commanding officer ever with this ultimate game! Watch the minimap carefully to choose appropriate soldier for each position and rush into the battle! What traits are belonging to the best army leaders? Precision, rate, quick wit, reaction speed – that’s right! We know that you do have them all – just try!

    Earn points for successfully completed epic battle missions and unlock new types of warriors for your army like stormtroopers, machine gunners, snipers, medical men and even different tanks! Power them all up to become a really good officer and buy interesting battling locations!

    Sticked Man Epic Battle 3D features:
    • Great opportunity to feel like a real sticked man army commander
    • Make good placement of your sticked man soldiers
    • Try different locations and difficulty levels
    • Just enjoy your sticked man army in 3D

    Try yourself as a real tactics master – become a commander of sticked man army! Be wise and prudent, make great troops alignment and be ready for the great battle of Sticked Man Epic Battle 3D game and you absolutely won’t be disappointed!