Stickman Skyscraper Base Jump




    Dismount your stickman ragdoll – drop it from the roof of the skyscraper, aim to the bullseye of the giant target, maneuver with a wingsuit, use the parachute on time and have fun with Stickman Skyscraper Base Jump!

    Enjoy the atmosphere of the most dangerous adrenaline sport on the planet with your stickman dummy! Glide through the air, perform insane proximity flights – earn points for each meter you’ve flown! Use earned points to unlock new types of parachutes (or even balloon instead), new wingsuits or new height to jump from!

    Dive down from the roof and don’t forget to open your parachute on time, or your game will be over! Enjoy extreme stickman sport with Stickman Skyscraper Base Jump and have fun!

    Stickman Skyscraper Base Jump features:
    Ultimate sky dive base jumping game
    Unlockable skins for your stickman dummy and new locations
    Many interesting missions
    Atmosphere of the most dangerous extreme sports

    Feel the speed of freefall, ride the wind, avoid crashes and have fun with Stickman Skyscraper Base Jump!