School Trip And a Camping Day




    Let’s get ready for a camping day with your classmates. Have fun with other fellows in the green forests and cool breeze. Press your clothes and shoes which you want to wear on the picnic in the night before going to bed. So that in the morning you can get ready easily. Have a great spa in the morning and brush your teeth as well. In the school take attendance and sit in the bus one by one.
    Oh Gosh! Tire is punctured but don’t be worry it’s not a big problem. Mechanic will change the tire in very less time. It’s countryside so the path is full of problems. Alas! A tree is fallen on the road because of previous night storm. Take your tools with you and cut it into pieces and make the road smooth for travelling.
    And finally we have reached. Wow what a beautiful weather and what a fabulous environment. Green trees and fields and high mountains are very attractive for tourists. Build camps here to live and then play some games. Let’s run together and play hide and seek. Hide yourself behind the trees. And ask your friend to find you. Also you can enjoy hell of fun activities such as paragliding and sky diving. Tie your parachute and climb highest peak. Jump from the highest mountain and enjoy flying like birds in the air. Land on the seaside and enjoy on the beach. Swim into the sea and collect pearls.
    Catch and hunt birds and come back to your camps. Have a fresh barbeque of birds and chicken for your lunch. What a beautiful day you have enjoyed. Let’s come back to your home. School bus will drop you at your doorstep.
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