Girls Tailor Clothes Cash Register




    Hello everyone! Do you guys want your clothes to be stitched as early as possible? Our little tailor is ready to stitch and waiting for his customers. All you need is to just buy a piece of cloth and other necessary things like thread, lace, button, etc. from nearest supermarket. Take shopping cart with you and choose your desired items with the help of shopping mall girl. Drag your cart to the advanced cash register machine where a pro cashier is ready to make your bill. Don’t forget to take the receipt with you. Take all the things to our tailor kid. He’ll cut one piece for sample after pressing the cloth, and will mark your size with the help of tailor’s chalk. After cutting he’ll stitch your dress like an expert tailor. You can help him suggesting decorations for the dress. Try different colors of buttons and laces on your dress and a gorgeous dress is ready for you.
    Dresses stitched by the tailor are not less than a professional designer’s dress. Our tailor kid can make a variety of dress ups such as frock, shirt, paints etc. He can also made special bridal dress for wedding day. Any bride can feel proud by wearing the dress stitched by our tailor and designer on her special day because the dress can make her whole event even more wonderful.
    You can enjoy lots of dress up games for kids and tailor games for girls by playing our other casual games. Must give us your feedback, after playing our games so that we can improve. Your suggestions are warmly welcomed.