Ice Cream Maker Cash Register




    Whether it is winter or summer cold drinks and frozen food are always welcomed by the chill young boys and girls. Kids also love to have frozen ice cream in daily meal. And one amazing thing about it is that, it is not specific for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can have it anywhere or everywhere. You may have tried different ice cream making recipes, if no, don’t worry here’s a wonderful and easy ice cream making recipe in your favorite ice cream maker salon.
    Do you know how to make an ice cream? Whether it is being cooked or baked? Let’s learn ice cream making today in the frozen dessert maker shop. Take a bus or taxi and go to the supermarket of your city. Select ingredients and complete your shopping list. Shopping mall girl will help you to fill your cart. When you buy everything go to the counter and make bills with advanced cash register machine and pro cashier. Take receipt and come back to the home sweet home. Kitchen is a lovely place because it has all eatables. Go to your kitchen like a star chef and add sugar into the milk, choose flavor of your choice and make fruit juice to mix in the milk to give it yummy and delicious flavor. Kids love different flavors of ice cream such as vanilla and chocolate, strawberry, tutti frutti etc. The expert kitchen chef like you can also use food colors for coloring. Mix everything in the bowl and put it in the refrigerator. When it freezes, enjoy with your family and friends or sale it on the ice cream truck.
    In this game you can also decorate your serving. You can choose cup of your choice and can have different decorations and sprinkles on it. Not only this, but you can also decorate your ice cream paradise with buntings, colorful sprinkles and chocolate chips. Your ice cream maker shop has more yummy frozen dessert than any ice cream parlor. Now it’s up to you weather your like to have frozen yummy dessert in cones and cups or you probably like to make an ice cream cake with it.
    Ice cream maker game is made for your learning as it is one of the best education based cooking games for kids. Enjoy our other cooking and food games for girls free.