Popcorn Factory Cooking Games




    Making popcorn in factory is not a very tough job. In this popcorn game you’ll learn how to make popcorn with fresh corns. Be the expert chef of the world and cook popcorn in minutes. Cooking popcorn is a great fun you’ll ever have. All you need is to follow the steps listed below.
    1. Pick fresh corn form the farm. Farming corn will make it easy for you to run your factory.
    2. Pick corns and load them in the truck and take it to your popcorn factory.
    3. Peel it off carefully and separate the spoiled and fresh corns.
    4. Wash them properly to avoid germs. Washing and cleaning of corns is very necessary as polluted popcorn are dangerous for health and your customers may get angry at you.
    5. Heat the washed corns so that popcorn can perfectly pop up. When it gets completely dry, remove the heat and pass it to the next step.
    6. Remove the corn seeds and collect them separately. Be careful to get them separate as spoiled seeds may not get popped out properly.
    7. Add oil and salt into the seeds and give it heat. Do not overheat them, they may get burn. Apply appropriate heat to the corns to cook and to keep their taste delicious.
    8. Popcorn are ready in the popcorn maker factory and need to be eating. So pack them and mark your label on it so that your customers can identify the right product.
    This is how you can run your popcorn factory and make it successful. Cooking and baking is not very much tough but it’s a fun to be a world famous chef. So start your business today and earn money faster.
    Enjoy one of the best popcorn games for kids and factory games for kids. You’ll also like our other popcorn games for girls and cooking games for girls. Free download and play but must rate. Good luck!