School Trip Jungle Adventure




    Come on kids get ready for an amazing school trip with your classmates and teachers in a forest. One by one sit in the train to move on to the wonderful journey to the jungle. Picnic in the school bus on a busy highway, is and old fashioned thing so be up to date and do something unique. Enjoy the beautiful and adventurous road trip in the train.
    It has lot of hurdles and obstacles such as broken track, log of tree lying on the track, animals walking on the track etc. but don’t need to get worry, you have all tools needed to repair the track in the train so be and expert engineer and repair the track. After repairing and maintenance start your journey. There was a heavy storm so the trees fell down on the train’s track. Let’s set them aside so that you can have a smooth travel. Not only those problems are here but others are also as this is a jungle and animals doesn’t know or follow any rule. So they are resting and walking on the track of the train. They can eat you if you force them to get aside. So be careful and treat them with love and patience. Give them food to eat they’ll love you and become your friend. In this way you can easily let them aside whether it is a too big elephant or deadly lion. There are also stones in your way. Pick them one by one and throw other side of your way. The way is full of adventure and fun. So have great virtual adventure in school trip jungle adventure.
    Trap the animals you like. Monkeys eat banana so place a bananas in the trap which will attract monkeys and they’d caught up. Rabbit hunting will also prove to be a great fun for all of you. Hunt rabbits and monkeys but you should also have something nice to eat. Collect fruits from the trees. Fresh fruits will have great taste and are rich in deliciousness. After that enjoy fish hunting and hunt the fresh fish. For that, stand on the bridge and drop your fishing hook into the water with little bug to attract the fish. Fishing in the forest is full of pleasure and fun.
    It’s time to go to the resort and place camps here to stay at night. Before resting let’s prepare something to eat. Have a fish barbeque and eat fruits that you have collected from the jungle. Enjoy sliding after dinner or lunch. Have a great slide in the resort and enjoy as much as you can. You have got too much tired so sit under the sky full of stars and play some musical games with your fellows. Sing songs and tell stories before going to bed.
    Wake up early in the morning and let’s back to home sweet home where your parents are waiting for you. Enjoy the school trip games for girls and have fun. Play our other best school games for girls but must rate us. Thank you.