Seaside Dream House Builder




    Are you ready to build a house on seaside where you can see beautiful beach whenever you want and can enjoy cool and fresh breeze daily in the morning? Live close to the nature and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Especially summer will be awesome as you can take a sunbath on the beach and can take bath any time in the sea. There are also plenty of snail shells that can be used for different purposes such as making gorgeous jewellery and can be used to make decoration pieces. You can also find fresh seafood here like fish, crab and prawns etc.
    It’ll be a great fun for you to build a house far from the rush of city. All you have to do is to go to the forest for getting woods. Cut the trees to get logs and then load them onto the tractor trolley. Also take some bamboos and only hard logs are not enough for constructing a hut. Load them on truck and come back to the site.
    Let’s starts making its structure first with bamboos. Tie them up carefully otherwise whole your building will fell down soon. The construction won’t take lots of time but it’ll be a great fun for you. Be like an expert house builder and professional architect to build your own dream house.
    Once you finish your construction decorate your home sweet home with different materials used for decoration. Start painting your house with amazing color paints so that it looks superb. You can also use snail shells for your home decoration. Make a garden near your house and it’ll enhance the beauty of your house and that of beach as well. And your hut will become more beautiful than a luxury hotel room.
    Play one of the best building construction games for kids and builder games for girls. You’ll love our other casual games for girls for sure. So must download and play and must give your feedback. Have fun!