Baby Airport Management




    Modern baby hired as airport manager, supervise & manage all airport duties!

    Luckily you are a smart baby! You get a chance to manager airport. Play this baby airport management game and show all your management skills & talent to control all airport duties.

    Baby Airport Manager is full of all airport activities. As a manager, supervise all airport duties, take the responsibility of terminal jobs, handle the crew of airplane team in a cool way. Also you can regulate your own rules. Lead all the airport staff and guide them how to perform all their duties.

    For check-in to security, use x-ray scanner to scan the luggage and the passengers. Be ready to clean the dirty plan and get the maintenance of the airplane done, so that your passengers happily travel in your air craft and love your airline.

    > Control airport administration as a smart kids.
    > Check the passport of everyone and facilitate them with the boarding pass.
    > Check passengers and their luggage by the x-ray scanner and make sure they have no banned items with them.
    > Passengers need to get travel in the clean environment so that they travel with us again & again, so clean the dirty airplane and make passenger happy.
    > Repair the planes and helicopters that are out of order so the passengers don't have to worry about any thing.

    Find you hidden talent as a baby Airport Manager! Have fun playing this leadership game.