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Monster Truck Stunt Arena Full

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    ***This is an ad-free and full version of Monster Truck Stunt Arena***

    Stunts and bigfoot racing await in motorshow of Monster Truck Stunts Arena!

    Drive cars with giant wheels in a stunts racing competition! Crazy racing motorshow begins! In truck competition racing you’ll have to do best stunts. Drive a Bigfoot truck and do cars stunts with your wheels. Arena can have only one motorshow champion! Whose wheels are craziest on Bigfoot truck arena?

    Monster Truck Stunts Arena features:

    - Bigfoot truck motorshow
    - Cars and upgrades
    - Racing stunts
    - Arena competition
    - Multiplayer

    Crazy Bigfoot truck drive!
    Cars for stunts - Better wheels will bring you the title of stunts champion. A champion has must do a lot of stunts and racing. Enemy cars get tougher during competition. Upgrade your Bigfoot truck to do crazier stunts in the Bigfoot arena motorshow - garage arms racing is part of the competition. Become a rockstar of the motorshow on the stunts arena!

    Truck stunts arena!
    Motorshow champion is defined in Bigfoot stunts competition and circle racing. Puny cars won’t last on Bigfoot stunts arena. Bigfoot truck wheels are perfect for motorshow. Drive truck through stunts arena. Win the truck competition of stunts arena motorshow. Crazy racing awaits in Monster Truck Stunts Arena, get your wheels into motorshow!

    Truck racing competition!
    Bigfoot competition drive takes company - challenge your friends in motorshow. Outperform everyone on the arena on your Bigfoot wheels. Make your Bigfoot truck the craziest of all cars! Stunts and Bigfoot racing competition takes no less. Racing with stunts, motorshow and huge bigfoot wheels - that’s pure drive!

    Arena waits for a motorshow champion on a Bigfoot truck! Let the motorshow begins with Monster Truck Stunts Arena!