Dare Course – Impossible Tasks

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    Dare Course – Impossible Tasks

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    Try to get through the obstacle course with lots of traps and dangers in our new game - Dare Course!

    There are several seasons and on each of them, the obstacle course becomes more difficult. To pass each a level you are to finish 3 tasks at the same location:

    - Gather flags: run to the finish and collect them to earn your first star;
    - Gather medals: run and collect all of them on your way to earn your second star;
    - Running challenge with special conditions: complete them to earn the third star.

    Remember that for each task the location changes a bit. Take these changes into account to complete all of them.

    Choose a character to play with: male or female. Customize them to make the obstacle course passing funnier.

    Dare Course game key Features:

    - Long obstacle courses with traps and obstacles;
    - 3 different tasks to pass on each location;
    - Funny characters and a customization opportunity;
    - Lots of levels with increasing difficulty.

    Overcome all obstacles and complete all tasks on the obstacle course and win this challenge!