3D Dino Simulator – Wild Dinosaur Adventure World

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    3D Dino Simulator – Wild Dinosaur Adventure World

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    Welcome to the farm and safari world with this Dino simulator and simulation game. Dino is at the farm now to cause destruction. There are many dino simulator games causing destruction at different places like city, safari and Jurassic park etc but this time the dinosaur is up for extreme destruction at the farm side. Animal simulator games are quite famous and popular these days. Let’s enjoy this dinosaur simulator and simulation game but have you ever seen a dino in an angry mood. Dinos are generally known as calm animals but when the dinosaurs get wild and angry, they become too dangerous then. In this simulation game dinosaur is quite wild. Enjoy the adventure ride of a dino with this dinosaur simulator game. Angry dino has run from the farm cage and is out there in the farm and safari world. This farm is at stake and dinosaur is up for the destruction in the town and also the surrounding cities and villages.

    After a warning by the management of the town, people have closed themselves in their houses. Dino is attacking and kicking up all the things. The angry dinosaur has destroyed the cars, trucks, containers and carts, kicked off the boxes and has broken out the barriers. This simulation game a complete view of the farm and safari park. There is now no one in the streets of the town, so you can enjoy the free dinosaur ride with this amazing dino simulator and simulation game.

    There are many other simulator and simulation games as well like rhino, horse, goat, lion, tiger, bull and many others but this one of dino is very interesting and exciting. Hit and attack the farm using special animations of the dinosaur. Jump and attack using special effects and animations.

    Every next level opens up new areas and locations in the farm and dino causes destruction. Score a specified score and unlock the next level. Every level of this dino simulator and simulation game has vast destruction modes. Download now and enjoy this addicting dinosaur simulator and simulation game.

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