Ninja Warrior Assassin School




    Ninja Warrior Assassin School is a ninja game that takes you into the violent world of Japanese ninja warriors. It features a samurai warrior assassin who gives ninja training to young students at a ninja school. The samurai hitman is in the midst of a ninja war and has to eliminate an army of ninja assassins from a rival clan. You are the samurai and have to use the karate, Kung-Fu and stealth skills, you teach at your ninja school, and take down this ferocious ninja warrior assassin. Use your ninja agility and martial art skills and use your samurai sword to kill any rival ninja assassin who dares to stand in your way. The only way to succeed in this ninja war is the assassination of all the ninja assassins from the rival clan and come out as the unbeatable samurai warrior assassin.

    You will face ninjas as well as ferocious animals as you try to make your way to the top.

    Download Ninja Warrior Assassin School now to ensure you play the best ninja game.

    Key Features:
    - Get a feel of the life of a ninja
    - 3D graphics
    - Fight ninjas and ferocious animals in a jungle environment
    - Spectacular animations
    - User friendly and smooth buttons
    - 5 game levels