Virtual Detective Crime Series




    Resolve criminal case in this thrill packed detective game featuring mystery, action and adventure.
    Unravel secrets. Get to the bottom of the assigned case. Trace the crook and villain. Gather evidence
    from crime scene. Unfold the story. Investigate the suspects and catch the culprit.
    There has been a diamond robbery in the museum. You have to arrest the thief and recover the stolen
    gemstone. Look for clues, hints and signs to bring down the perpetrator. Collect evidence and proofs to
    track the burglar. Investigate the neighborhood, interrogate the suspects. Review files, documents,
    fingerprints. Get in touch with forensics staff. Question the witness. Inquire the people in the
    Detective Logan Finn lives in the town of Darkwell with his smart family. Logan hates crime. He began his
    career as a police officer. He became an expert on tracking down convicts and outlaws. He took on
    undercover missions. His sons and daughter namely Jax, Ace and Audrey frequently helped him to solve
    cases. The detective climbed up the positions of inspector, superintendent, commander, sergeant,
    lieutenant, deputy chief of police and finally commissioner. Bureau of Investigation and crime
    investigation department awarded him with a medal for his excellent and selfless services. His best
    quality was that he was a superb interrogator and investigator. Therefore he has been appointed as the
    burglary and robbery detective. Sheriff Buck Harris is jealous of him. Cops envy him a lot. He is a source
    of inspiration and motivation for the law enforcement agencies. The government is very happy with
    Detective’s performance.
    DNA tests will be carried out in the forensics laboratory. Experts are examining the Palm print, Footwear
    marks and hair picked from the crime scene. Personnel in the lab are very busy in their work. The

    paradox is that the rare valuable was stolen in spite of strict security. Theft is mysterious. The situation
    appears as an enigma to the public. Everybody is mystified. Everyone asks who did it? Do you have the
    sharp observance and skills to crack the case? Can you bring in the criminal? Riddles are very confusing!
    Puzzle is not very difficult.
    Go to secluded and remote areas & investigate as much as you can. You will also have to fight off bad
    guys amidst case investigation.
    Detective and his kids possess some special skills which are the following:
    Logan Finn: Shooting, investigation, Can call police force
    Jax: Punch, Can throw flash bang grenade
    Ace: Run fast, lock picker
    Audrey: Problem Solving, use Stun gun
    So what are you waiting for? Download now, it’s free-to- play.

    - Awesome 3d & crime investigation based Detective game
    - Stunning graphics quality, sounds and captivating music
    - Amazing characters
    - Showcasing an urban environment: streets, buildings, trees etc.
    - Immersive game, the thrill keeps you busy till you reach the end!

    Why you should install it?
    - Exceptional game free of cost
    - Kill boring time while playing a thrill loaded spy game.

    - Tap ‘O’ button for viewing the objectives.
    - Locate your destination using the map.

    We hope you enjoy it, your feedback is appreciated.