FillUp: Colourful Logic Puzzle




    Drag, tap, tessellate and weave your way to fulfilment in this simple, addictive, colourful puzzle game all about filling up grids!

    Join the thousands of people already playing FillUp, and get stuck into over 700 challenging levels. Plus, there's now two new game modes: advanced and irregular!

    If you're a fan of logic puzzles, then FillUp is the game for you! Every unique level puts your logic and spatial awareness to the test as you try to tessellate tiles to fill up the grids.

    There's something for everyone, with level difficulties ranging from easy to extreme.

    Need a bit more excitement? Then play against the clock, score points based on your performance, and see how you fare on the Game Centre leaderboard.

    And if you've completed all 760 levels, don't worry, you can play endless randomly generated levels in unlimited mode!

    Complete the levels without making a mistake to achieve perfection, and challenge yourself to earn all the game's achievements.

    - Three different level packs offer variety and challenge.
    - 760 unique levels with a wide range of difficulty!
    - Play randomly generated levels endlessly in unlimited mode.
    - Score points against the clock in timed mode.
    - Put your logic and spatial awareness to the test.
    - Absolutely no adverts.
    - Addictive gameplay.
    - A simple, attractive and colourful puzzle game.
    - Customise your game's colour scheme.

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