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    Optica is a mind-bending puzzle game of logic and illusion.

    Embracing simplicity with a geometric design, Optica reveals puzzles in complex and mind-bending ways. From curious shapes and optical illusions to unexpected perspectives, Optica puts spatial thinking to the test through 70+ challenging levels.

    Create pathways of light while strategically connecting the spaces along the way. But not all is what it seems. Rotate shapes to shift your perspective, discover hidden planes, and traverse optical illusions.

    As the spiritual successor to the award-winning Strata, Optica embodies a similar puzzle-solving philosophy with an entirely new twist.

    What Reviewers Are Saying

    “If you enjoy twisting your brain in knots, be sure to check it out...” - TouchArcade

    “This puzzler may look simple in design, but it's going to put your spatial thinking to the test across a huge number of levels” - PocketGamer

    “Minimalist beauty...” - Metro

    “This game is a no-brainer for fans of the puzzler genre” - TapSmart


    70+ Levels
    Optica’s handcrafted puzzles start simple, but increasingly become larger and more complex while introducing new illusions

    Relaxing Soundtrack
    Calming music and elegant flourishes create a serene soundscape that is experienced best with headphones

    Sharpen Your Mind
    Geometric optical illusions engage your brain, challenging both spatial and logical reasoning

    Designed for anyone to pick up and experience with intuitive tapping and swiping controls

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