On Time Punch




    On Time Punch is a game like none other. This game is a complete replica of your life. As in real life, the game progresses according to the decisions you take and rewards you accordingly. We also take care of our loyal customers and offer them various perks. The game also introduces a new in-game currency “JORDAN” that can actually be converted into REDEEMABLE AMAZON VOUCHERS.

    But AMAZON VOUCHERS are not the real deal. The best in -game feature is the brain training it offers you. It enhances your Visual Memory and stimulates faster sensory responses.

    The Philosophy Behind the Game
    The main philosophy behind the game is to deliver to the user, a gaming experience that is not only a fun and intuitive but also very logical and scientific at the same time. The game enhances your visual memory and exploits your senses to the maximum.

    Intriguing Level Design
    On Time Punch isn’t just a game. It’s a complex system of scientifically accurate puzzle systems that help the user make better use of his reflexes. The game has 9 intriguing levels and a minigame that helps you earn your FREE AMAZON VOUCHER faster.

    A Story To Unfold
    The game has two playable characters each of which has a different character and has a different story to tell. You decide what suits your taste and then choose your character.
    Gravo : Gravo is an energetic, righteous 24 year old dreamer who lives up to his humble upbringing. He is a hardcore gamer and loves to rap. He also seeks approval for his actions and is a soft, light spoken and gentle human.
    Vitty : Vitty is a cunning, 21 year old face reading expert who is fearless and loves tricking people. Her life is meant for the thrill and her moral code changes according to the requirement of the day. She is a fighter who has the courage to stand up for herself and is always ready to face the odds.

    Key Features :
    Free Amazon Vouchers
    9 Exciting Levels
    1 Intriguing minigame
    Bonuses for Loyal Customers
    Easy to learn. Hard to master. Fun to play.
    Milestones give a feeling of accomplishment
    In game currency multiplayer for easy redemption.
    Constant Updates

    App Highlights :
    Stimulates your senses
    Improves your visual memory
    Increases your accuracy
    Skill based brain teaser
    Teaches you decision making
    Multiplayer Skill building

    Note : A network connection is required to play the game.

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